Demonetisation : What, How and Why?

Demonetisation 500 and 1000 Rs Note
Demonetisation 500 and 1000 Rs Note


New 2000 Rs Note
New 2000 Rs Note

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 8th November Declared in his speech to the nation that from 11.59 pm on 8th November, notes of 500 and 1000 Rs. will be mere paper and won’t be used for Transaction in market, Those who have it with them should deposit it at the Bank in their accounts with certain conditions…..

Positive Impacts of Demonetisation

Demonetisation Compiled!
1. Naxalite– Maoists Hit
2. No Stone-Pelting In Jammu and Kashmir
3. Burning Schools Stopped In Jammu and Kashmir
4. Corrupts Burning Cash
5. Arhar Dal Crashes To Rs 80/Kg In UP
6. Kirana Shops/Panwalas Installing Debit card Machines
7. Municipalities Making Record Recoveries Of House Tax
8. Electricity Companies Making Huge Record Recoveries Of Past Arrears
9. Medicine Shops Making Big Sales
10. Many Businessmen Recovering Past Dues As Old As 4 Years And Getting Advance For New Orders
11. Huge Opportunities For Mobile Wallets
12. Banks Plush With Funds. Rs 3 Lakh Crore Banked In 4 Days!!! Cost Of Funds Reduced For Banks
13. Labourers Paid Dihadi For Standing In Queues
14. All Property Deals Involving Black Money In Jeopardy. Bayana In Jeopardy
15. Property Prices Come Down By 25%
16. Democracy Deepened. All Castes/Creeds Standing In Same Queue.
17. Fake Currency Rackets Hit
18. Political Parties Spends In Punjab/UP Hit
19. Rs.2000 Notes Will Cut Currency Printing Costs For Govt
20. Notes Burnt By Corrupts Will Reduce Fiscal Deficit As Liability Cancelled
21. ATMs To Be Reprogrammed. Business Opportunities For Software Firms
22. Drug Peddlers In Punjab Hit
23. IT Raids Unearthing Black Money
24. Cops Detecting /Unearthing Hug Cash In Nakabandi
25. Public Not Wasting Time On Faaltu Test Matches And Watching Faaltu Bollywood Movies. Facing Real Life !!!
26. Havala Has Come To A Stand-Still
27. Betting , Satta Industry Hit Badly
28. Great Precedent Set-Political Leader Takes Hard Decision Benefitting Nation Not Bothering About His Political Costs
29. People Realize there Can Be A Selfless Politician.
30. People Willing To Bear Short-Term Pains For Long-Term Gains
31. Demands In Other Countries (Pakistan/Australia) To Emulate India’s Step. India Again On Way To Regaining #विश्वगुरु
32. Message Sent To The World That Despite Being A Large Diversified Democracy India Can Take Tough Decisions And Same Well-Received By People
33. Case Study In Strategic Decision-Making. Dont Tinker. Aim Big. One Stone, Many Birds.


Digital India Go Cashless with USSD
Digital India Go Cashless with USSD


Aadhar Enabled Payment System For Cashless Transaction
Aadhar Enabled Payment System For Cashless Transaction

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